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The essential reading list for stepparents.

We have Brits, Australians, Canadians, Kenyans, and an awful lot of Americans – it’s a global thing baby. This blog is not sponsored, and all of the below are set out purely because they’re useful and/or have been referenced in the articles.

This list follows on from the blog post Raising Our Children to be Anti-racist.

For younger readers:


For Stepmothers and Young Adult Stepchildren


Stepmum In Stilettos is now featured on Feedspot’s top 30 blended family blogs for 2022. Check out the list for some additional excellent blog recommendations.

A small list in the grand scheme, but the below will lead you down a dark Instagram hole from which you won’t want to escape. Last updated May 2021.


  • @thestepmumcollective – a new account in 2021, doing great things with giving a voice to UK stepmothers in particular.
  • @ukstepmum – currently fighting for stepparent fertility rights.
  • @_charlottegough – just such a genuinely lovely lady! If you’re spiritual and/or interested in self care, she’s the one to follow.

And the accounts I rate States side…


  • @radicalstepmomspodcast – love love love this account (as do 11k others). The way she articulates the darker stepparent thoughts is just magic.
  • @blendcredible – the bio-dad and stepfather’s perspective. Account is currently inactive but loads of good stuff on there still.
  • @blendedandblack – focussing on bringing people together and finding harmony within stepfamilies.
  • @wickedstepmom – thoroughly enjoy the writing here. Also deals with infertility struggles and being a childless stepmother.
  • @theinclusivestepmom – beautiful pictures, and an expert in LGBTQ dynamics.
  • @stepmomming – a comforting account, aimed towards the struggling stepmother with a “been there” tone.
  • @blendedfamilyfrappe – irreverent, with a focus on the ugly, difficult parts of stepfamily life. A fellow “you are not alone” advocate.